Finding Inspiration

This week I will be speaking about movie studios! One of my favorite things, since I was a child, was seeing which company was the mastermind behind some of the movies that inspired me to pursue a career in marketing. Back in 2014, I had the privilege of going to sunny Los Angeles and tour some of the best movie studios in LA. These studios included Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, and Sony Pictures. At each studio, I could not stop pinpointing crucial spots in some of my favorite movies and tv shows.

First on my list is Universal Studios. Universal has produced countless movies and shows that I have loved since a child. One movie, in particular, stood out for me since I was a child. Big Fat Liar was the first movie ever to give me a glimpse into Hollywood. It was the first time ever I saw how a movie is made from a script to production. It also showed me that you did not need to be an actor to be involved in Hollywood. Every time I watched it, I dreamed of the day I would go to the Univeral lot and experience it all first hand. One of my favorite scenes is when Amanda Bynes and Frankie Muñiz stay the night in the props closet. They recreate costumes from some of my favorite movies produced by Universal.

Sadly, the props closet was not included in the Backlot tour at Universal. The movie itself was a huge product placement for Universal Studios Hollywood. It constantly showed the Backlot Tour ride in an attempt to bring people into the theme park. When I went to Universal, I was able to see filming locations from one of the greatest scenes in the movie. This scene shows just a glimpse of what you would be able to see during the tour.

Although I was not able to see more locations of where the movie was filmed, I was able to pursue my dream of seeing where the movie was filmed. This movie has a huge role in why I love the entertainment industry, even if it is not all the glam we see on screens.

One of my other favorite studios is Warner Brothers! Some of my favorite movies and television shows were filmed at the Warner Brothers lot. If it was not for Warner Brothers, I would not have picked marketing as a major. Warner Brothers was the studio behind one of my all-time favorite shows, Entourage. Entourage showed the dynamics of the reality of Hollywood better than a reality show could possibly ever. I was first introduced to Entourage my sophomore year of high school by my brother. From the moment I saw the character Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven, in action, I was hooked.

Ari Gold’s persona is one of a kind. Seeing how he loved his job influenced me to pursue a degree in marketing. It was the first time I saw a character so blunt and so in love with his career. His passion greatly showed in the way he cared for his clients and also how he wanted power. After seeing this passion, I researched different degrees in order to become a powerhouse in Hollywood. This is when I realized the power of a marketing degree. Ever since then, I never once doubted my decision of choosing a marketing degree and pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

-Sophia Paradela



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