Finding Brands

This week I will be speaking about one of my favorite shows that is FILLED with product placement, Mad Men! Mad Men aired on AMC from 2007- 2015. The show centered around advertisers who worked at an ad agency on Madison Avenue. Almost every episode focused on a different brand the agency was working on. Brands featured on Mad Men saw a great consumption of their brands after being featured on the show. Mad Men was a marketing and advertisers dream.  Two weeks ago I featured Mad Men in my Finding Love in Coca-Cola post, this week I will be featuring two more of my favorite brands featured on the show.

The first brand on the list is Hershey’s. Hershey’s is a brand everyone grew up loving and still enjoys in adulthood. Who doesn’t love a Hershey’s bar?

Don calls Hershey’s “the most successful billboard of all time,” and “the childhood symbol of love.” Hershey’s is a brand everyone around the world has their own story with from childhood. For me, Hershey’s was as iconic as a brand like Coca-Cola in my household. When I was a child, I went to Hershey, Pennsylvania when I was eight years old. I remember loving the concept of a whole city and theme park dedicated to chocolate and candy. I have always had a sweet tooth and this was the place that I was able to indulge it. After visiting Hershey’s, I could not stop reading about Hershey’s. It instilled a deep brand connection for me, one I still love today.

My other favorite product featured on the show was Patio from Pepsi. This one was not because of the product but how the show goes into great depth to explain why they did the commercial. Don explains to Peggy on how men want to date the character in Bye Bye Birdie and how girls strive to be her.

Peggy wants to sell it to women instead of just men. It showed how during this era men dictate what women would buy and drink. This advertisement depicted the dream of what women would like from drinking Patio. I loved how the show not only showed the brands but also how an ad agency sells a pitch. It confirmed to me how much I love my major and know I have an exciting career path to look forward to.

Enjoy the final take of Mad Men’s spin on Patio below. I promise you’ll have the jingle stuck in your head for a couple of days.

Bye Bye Sugar (for now)!

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