Finding Yourself: A Love Letter to Home

This week will be a little different than my previous blogs. Instead of writing about a specific brand, movie or television show, I will be speaking about home.


I was born and raised in the land where countless music videos, movies, and television shows are filmed. But I was also raised in a city unlike any other. Miami is a one of a kind city that I have a love/hate relationship with. Miami has taught me so much about the person that I want to be and the person I have become. I attribute home not to be a physical home but the city of Miami and the people within it. Consider this my love letter to Miami.

Dear Miami,

You are a one of kind town. You are one of the youngest metropolitan in the nation. Each time someone asks me where I’m from they always talk about your beautiful beaches and the uniqueness of a city you are. You have plenty of stories in your short history but my People often asked me why I love the entertainment industry as much as I do. One of the main reasons is because of my Abuelo Paco and my Yaya. If it wasn’t for you, my grandparents would have never met. My grandfather left Cuba in 1961. He was a businessman who often traveled between New York and Havana. When the communist regime took power, Abuelo Paco feared for his life. Like many other Cubans, he took a chance and moved to you. A year later, Yaya, a recent divorce and a single mother to two young daughters, moved to you in hopes of a better tomorrow for herself and her daughters. You must have had a special aroma in the air the night Yaya arrived in the strange land you can be because that very same night Yaya and Abuelo met.

You are one of the reasons why entertainment runs in my blood. Abuelo Paco worked countless hours at one of your fame hotels, the Fountainbleu. It was here where Abuelo met and often served the famous Rat Pack. Abuelo passed away before I was able to understand the magnitude of the Rat Pack but hearing stories about his time with them are still probably one of my favorites. My grandfather later went on to open his own Spanish broadcasting station in my favorite suburb of one of your various, Little Havana.

Abuelo Paco and Me

Yaya, on the other hand, showed me the parts of you that made me love the entertainment industry. Yaya is an avid watcher of telenovelas. Lucky for me you are home to both Telemundo and Univision. Growing up I would watch novelas and Spanish news with Yaya. Watching these stations with her, taught me so much about marketing from a young age. From how the Spanish tv stations were targetted completely different from the local English tv stations to how one whole industry can be different completely different in the language it is produced. I may not be pursuing a career in the Spanish entertainment sector but you did teach me how to love an industry.

Yaya and I, Freedom Tower

Miami, I may not be your biggest fan but I will always love you deep down inside. I often take for granted the opportunities you have given me growing up.  You brought together two of the biggest motivators in my life. And that is pretty awesome. Thanks for being the interesting city I get to call home.



Enjoy my favorite Miami song!

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